What we do


LAVENNZZA are primarily tile distributors to Luxury Bathroom and Tile showrooms in the UK. We work side by side interior designers to create exquisite bathroom designs with a choice of over 1000 different tiles and finishes to choose from.


Working with Architects and House builders, LAVENNZZA helps provide the very best tile specifications for any project. Specifications range from Swimming and Sports Centres, Luxury Residential Developments, Schools & Collages, Office Blocks and the like..


Our team at LAVENNZZA represent and manage factories allowing us to offer a larger variety of highly decorative and featured designs or simply products to work with projects on a budget. 


GREAT DESIGNERS WORK HARD!! Working with LAVENNZZA makes hard work easy!




Our retailers

Doing something properly is the only way to do things! Our Fire & Black range is displayed in this beautiful mosaic relief effect design.


Time to get creative. Why not see how we can help you….

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso

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